Smile Group


Our Comapny

SMILE was founded by Adnan Iqbal in 1998, with the theme of providing all necessary at the one place in the city. At that time he was alone with his thinking and dreams, but after six years of dedicating services of 24 hours he not only earned the professional satisfaction of his clients rather proved that “if You have the passion to success, lead it by your will and skill, nothing is impossible”.

In 2004, he found some chaps who are dedicated, positive minded young ones, Energetic and have unique professional skills. After joining SMILES, now every member of SMILE’s team is just like a family member and devoted towards their work. Now after 10 years of services and continuous hard work, we are very glad to see that SMILES is a Group of dedicating professionals and a Dream is true, a will is activated.

Smile Group is the firm of devoted & hardworking professionals. We can perform any challenging task with our own standards and techniques. A name representing its real meanings. Services on which you can trust and rely upon. 1000s of clients is the best one-to-one marketing source for our services.

You can easily trust on oue services as we are the best management, staff and professional attitude in the city. Our work speaks through its own language that it is done by SmileGroup. We are working from last 11 years providing professional services to our clients (civil and government departments). Specially educational instructions, financial services providers and government departments are the major part of our satisfied client list.

Asia Party Decorators, Crescent Computers, Brain Tech Computers, Govt. College for Women Gujranwala, Govt. College for Boys Gujranwala, City Traffic Police Gujranwala, District & Sessions Courts Gujranwala, Police Stations (20) Gujranwala, SS Apparel Lahore, Sahara times Denmark, Dais per dais Unan, The Homoeopathic Medical College, Elite College, Allied Science College and hundreds of other institutions and organizations are included in our client list.

Professional & Experienced Team

A team of dedicated professional, group of young and energetic IT specialists, Typists, Composers, Designers & Developers solve you IT problems as soon as possible. Our vision and approach make us unique in the other serviced providers. We are, in future, starting a multi-purpose IT project in which all IT services will be provided under one name SmileGroup.